Innovation Awards 2023


At BridgePoint Group we recognise Australia’s great culture of innovation through our Innovation Awards. The importance of a tweak that makes the ordinary extraordinary, or turns a thought bubble into an incredible opportunity. We know that innovation is a key driver of success, helping great companies to stand out in a crowded market. This is our chance to shine the spotlight on you and your team. You deserve it!


Meet the nominees of the 2023 BridgePoint Group Innovation Awards.

DSS is a cloud computing infrastructure provider on the Inter Planetary File System (IPFS) protocol. As a global leader in Web3.0 infrastructure and services, Distributed Storage Solutions can expertly and securely guide your infrastructure migration.

Levant Central specialises in emergency services for the safe, remediation and repair to structures impacted by catastrophic events and inclement weather. Levant Central have a wide scope of capabilities in building repairs, electrical, mechanical & air-con, and carpentry services.

Freckleberry is a Geelong based business that specialises in creating delicious and innovative packaged chocolate products. Once you try Freckleberry’s Belgian chocolate blend, you won’t ever go back to compound chocolate ever again.

WorkRight Edge Protection Systems is the world’s first Edge Protection hire company that provides businesses on sites with the ability to work on the edge of a building harness free. Through its next generation edge protection systems, WorkRight is focused on providing a safer work environment for all construction workers working at heights.

Acora has been in business for more than 55 years of developing and delivering quality engineering design, fabrication, and delivery of sawmill equipment to the forestry industry. Acora brings know-how to every new client or project to ensure the best possible solution is offered for their customers.

Dresden Optics puts the glasses-wearer at the centre of everything. Dresden Optics is on a mission to bring high-quality, sustainably made prescription glasses to anyone in the world, no matter where they live and how much money they have. Dresden’s goal is to transform people’s lives through better vision – enabling them to learn, work and be independent.

Barrel Brokers has become a beacon of excellence in the world of aging spirits, beer, and wine. With a steadfast commitment to quality, Barrel Brokers scour the globe to source only the finest barrels, ensuring that each one tells a story of unparalleled artistry and dedication.
Factory.App creates software for a highly underserviced and global market, small-to-medium sized manufacturers, in order to help them create orders, collaborate on work, track jobs and communicate with customers from one location. Factory.App has established a suite of features that help to drive increased productivity, improved business growth and ultimately deliver happier staff and customers.
No Ding’s products is a car door protection solution. Steered by an innovative and dynamic approach and years of research and development, No Ding have pioneered vehicle dent prevention solutions. No Ding own a diverse product portfolio, covering essential vehicle protection tools such as removable road vehicle cover and moulding designed for dent and scratch protection.
Astra Computer Tech provides businesses with easy to use, efficient accounting systems, computer hardware & software and support services. Astra Computer Tech continues to work to their founding philosophy of always being responsive to changing client business and information technology’s needs.
Saucie Bottles is a unique concept designed to store any type of sauce: tomato, BBQ, mustard, mayonnaise. Saucie bottles was designed to recreate the traditional sauce bottle into a stylish design suitable for any table from casual to fine dining. Saucie Bottles are refillable to reduce waste, dishwasher safe, and can be taken straight from fridge or cupboard to the table.

FreshChain Systems has developed a multipurpose RegTech platform, including a fully integrated end to end digital traceability solution supported by bespoke environmental and location real time sensors for cold chain management. It improves food safety post-harvest, supports biosecurity and pest management process, identifies opportunities in the food journey to maintain quality, protects brands against food fraud, and reduces compliance requirements for overseas markets.

SRKH Designs is a specialist in electronic designs covering the creation, prototyping, and manufacturing of lab prototypes, final production units, integrated systems, and application examples. SRKH Designs’ newest innovation initiative includes the development of a universal safety sign, which is a high visibility, multi-functional display unit equipped with radar-based tracking and IoT connectivity for total smart signage management.

Ryefield Hops is dedicated to producing sustainable hops grown using regenerative agriculture principles for the Australian craft beer market. It has sustainability at its core and grows hops using organic practices and regenerative agriculture principles. They implement farming methods to promote and build healthy soils, biodiversity, natural predators and enhanced water quality and retention. They also designed their new processing facility with sustainability elements to reduce power input and material use.

JPK Pacific was established over a number of years through the love of yacht racing. The results achieved by the JPK include winning overall IRC in major regattas throughout Europe and the UK, highlighted the JPK brand as the obvious choice for IRC racing across the Asia Pacific region. Their quality is reflected in durability, simplicity, technical design and their popularity in regatta and offshore racing. JPK Pacific never stops its innovations in yacht design to achieve excellent yacht racing results.

Dental 99’s mission is to innovate so that all Australians have access to quality affordable dental care. Their innovative model is designed to reduce as many of the complex costs associated with dentistry by using their technology to replace receptionists and other human resources. Dental 99 is developing an easy-to-use app that allows patients to book appointments, check dental history, records, x-rays, and all personal information that can be taken to any dentist, anywhere, at any time. 

Property Credit aims to simplify property transactions by removing limitations, offering various finance solutions for agents, agencies, property managers, and property owners. Property Credit’s fast and affordable bridging facility can be offered at any stage of the property sale, from pre-sales improvements, advertising, staging costs, through to a deposit for the next property.
TeleTradie is at the forefront of disrupting the traditional tradesperson landscape with cutting-edge tech solutions. They provide instantaneous, live consultations and advice with seasoned and certified tradespeople across various devices. Their latest innovation takes a giant leap forward by integrating cloud-based tech to optimise the connection between customers and tradespeople. This enhances accessibility, and the quality and speed of information exchange, setting a new benchmark for digital efficiency in the industry.
Supersia is a purpose-driven business that believes ‘food is medicine’. Curating botanical ingredients, crafting tasty, synergistic wellness blends that enrich people’s daily lives. The diverse range covers energy, relaxation, gut health, and digestion to enhance overall well-being. Supersia’s mission is to enhance holistic health through the power of nature.

Arneg is an international leader in the design, production, and installation of refrigeration equipment for the retail sector. Whilst maintaining the solid principles and moral values typical of the Veneto culture, Arneg’s products have been customised to the Australian specifications and climate. Their innovative designs of the new waterloop CO2 cooling system will provide more efficient and environmentally friendly refrigeration than that used in commercial refrigeration.

The Greenwall Company’s latest innovation is transforming urban landscapes into eco-friendly and sustainable habitats while pushing the envelope of green tech and design. Introducing an inorganic growing medium that reduces structural load, cutting engineering costs and carbon emissions from construction materials. Their Eco Panels are made of 95% recycled materials and are equipped with an efficient watering system, requiring much less water than traditional green spaces.
UtiliOS makes a bespoke SaaS for smart water metering and energy solutions that helps enhance any smart water metering or any smart gas metering solution. UtiliOS provides easy access to data via a highly intuitive display. The customisable portal allows clients to view their assets and data in multiple ways, so they can genuinely understand usage. UtiliOS can improve demand management, generate excess use alerts, streamline billing, and help with maintenance administration and operational efficiency.