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Growth Company Awards

Everyone loves a success story – especially when it’s about someone we know!

At BridgePoint Group, we are proud to support Australian-owned businesses on the road to success.

And, we are particularly pleased to recognise outstanding achievement with the BridgePoint Group Growth Company Award.

As you know first-hand, a lot of hard work and sacrifice goes into creating a great business and when someone catches the wind in their sails, we think it is worthy of recognition. We hope that the success stories we are able to share with you will inspire you to your own success.

About the BridgePoint Group

‘2018 Growth Company Awards’

The BridgePoint Group Growth Company Award is – as the name suggests – designed to recognise growing businesses. For the purposes of the Award, growth is determined by comparing turnover for the financial year ended 30 June with the same period the prior year.

Entry will require you to submit one of two documents to verify your growth story:

  1. Your 2017 Financial Statements, as prepared by your Accountant showing 2016 as comparative numbers; or
  2. A letter from your Accountant confirming your Revenue for FY2017 and FY2016

The Award is open to all Australian resident privately-owned businesses. BridgePoint Group clients are automatically entered for the Award.

We’d love to hear your growth story! If you’re not a current client, you’re still able to nominate your business.


Please register your interest by completing the form.


In 2018, the Award categories are:

  • Turnover $1m – $10m
  • Turnover $10m – $50m
  • Turnover $50m – $100m

Award nomination

Congratulations to our previous winners!

BridgePoint Group congratulates all the winners of our Growth Company Awards – These businesses recorded stunning growth in revenue!

2016 – G&M Cosmetics

$1-$10m turnover – G & M Cosmetics

G&M Cosmetics Pty Ltd has been manufacturing and selling to national retailers for 19 years, commencing trade in 1996. (We will be 20 in June 2016).

G & M is a family business and very proud to be 100% Australian owned. The manufacturing, warehousing, sales and marketing, laboratory and QA departments are all located at the Taren Point facility, in Sydney.

G&M’s foundations have been established with a very popular, high quality Australian Creams range and the Australian Oils Bio Essence range, sold nationally in many major retailers.

2016 – Peakbound Holdings

$10-$50m turnover – Peakbound Holdings

Peakbound was created to meet a growing market need for a sophisticated contact centre for the financial services sector. From humble beginnings with a team of three, today we have grown into the market leader.

2016 – Trendpac

$50-$100m turnover – Trendpac

TrendPac is an Australian manufacturer offering a full range of manufacturing, packaging and product development services in a number of non-food areas.

TrendPac was established in 1963 and is 100% Australian family-owned.

2016 – RamCity

Highly Commended – RamCity

RamCity is a niche supplier of computer memory and data storage upgrade components. From the Home to the Enterprise, we have over 11 years of experience supplying upgrades for Macs, desktops, laptops and server infrastructure.

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