10 Practical Strategies for Trades Business' To Build A
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"Great resource because it helped me get a handle on what I need to put in place to ensure my team performs to the standards my business needs."

Sam Grant - Made Easy Concreting ★★★★★

"Well, I can't un-see what I read, now I've got to implement these no brainer solutions. Simple to read and practical, thanks guys."

Scott Loftberg - Beachside Plumbing & Gas ★★★★★

“Very handy resource for any building company that wants to invest in their people to increase engagement, performance, and to ultimately grow.”

Tim Franklin - Endeavour Building ★★★★★

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Meet Brad Semmens

Head of Business Advisory

Your professional ‘go to’ business advisor is none other than Brad Semmens, a dedicated entrepreneur, business owner and accredited business advisor.

With over 6 years of construction experience, and since starting out in business in his early 20’s and eagerly investing in personal, professional and academic business education over the past decade, Brad is successfully assisting many Aussie Business Owners to take their business’ and themselves to the next level.

Today, Brad’s passion and focus is in assisting other dedicated business owners to develop and grow their business’ to achieve greater revenue, profit, higher valuations, with more fulfilment and less stress. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

This resource is free because BridgePoint Group has been around for more than a decade serving Aussie businesses and making an impact that lasts. We believe in providing massive value to business owners and giving where it counts.

There are no catches here and there won’t be any selling in this resource as it is designed to add value and make a difference to you and your business. We believe you have got to give before you expect to receive.

In all our resources, we ensure we pack in real and practical value. It is full of key take-aways, reminders and action items for you, so be sure to have something to take notes in and be prepared to follow through and take action. Knowledge only becomes power when you take aligned and strategic action.