Staff Profile – Sabrina Khan

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How long have you worked at BridgePoint Group and what is your role?

May 2021 – employed as an accountant working on general client’s business, compliance and advisory work.

What hidden skills or experience do you bring to the team? 

I understand that being able to share necessary insights, business skills and experience to help clients is important to BridgePoint Group. I look forward to contributing to this by sharing my knowledge and experiences with the team and clients. My problem solving skills, going above and beyond to meet client expectations, are well suited to BridgePoint Group’s organisational goals. 


What are you reading, watching or listening to that you would recommend to someone else?

I recently watched Inside Job which I found extremely interesting. 

This Academy Award-winning movie by Charles Ferguson is a documentary on the financial crisis of 2008 and provides a detailed examination of the circumstances that led to the slowdown of the economy. The documentary covers not only the financial condition of the US but many other countries such as China and Iceland that were impacted by the global recession. There are certain aspects that are relatable to the Australian economy. There are so many people entering the Australian housing market and purchasing properties above market price, with assistance of the current housing schemes provided by the Government. What happens when job losses occur due to the pandemic? It places a bigger uncertainty on how loans will be paid. The warning signs are there, let’s hope the Australian Government is watching the housing boom very closely. 

What is your mantra to live by? 

Forget the mistake. Remember the lesson.

It’s important to realise that it’s only human to make mistakes. So forgive yourself and let go of regrets. Holding onto regrets will prevent you from moving forward in life.  As you move on, take with you the lessons you learnt from the mistake so you do not repeat it in the future.





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