A BridgePoint Group Accounting client in the fabrication manufacturing industry was facing a common but critical challenge among SMEs – grow sales. This client engaged with BridgePoint Group Business Advisory so they could have a solid plan to scale their business and double the revenue within the following three years.

After substantial analysis, we found out that streamlining the business operations was the key to achieve their goal. We identified the operational constraints and bottlenecks that were holding the business back from experiencing greater efficiency and the ability to take on more work. After that, we strategised the right changes to enable growth and scale. Finally, we assisted with the implementation of the change management process, which included the rollout of trainings and a communication plan to ensure the change would be embraced.

This meant that each division could increase their workload and still complete their customers’ work without compromising quality, with the company experiencing an average of 25% increased productivity. Furthermore, with capacity freed up, the client was able to confidently take on more work, thus resulting in an increased revenue of 56% within six months.

Additionally, the business didn’t have a robust succession planning in place. It meant that when changes occurred with people or processes, daily performance would decrease significantly due to downtime caused by slower transitions and hands-on training.

With a tailor-made plan, we assisted the client to document and refine position descriptions, standard operating procedures, and performance management documents to enable daily efficiency. We also collaborated with key employees and stakeholders to verify documentation changes and ensured that everyone was aligned and informed of succession planning changes.

This resulted in the business being able to adapt to change in a quick and orderly manner, thus keeping the business operating smoothly and efficiently regardless of changes anticipated or otherwise.

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