Transaction Advisory

Reliable Advice & Support for Big
Business Decisions

Are you thinking of buying or selling a business, or raising capital? Are you worried about what might happen if you get it wrong? Maybe you’re thinking a few years ahead. Maybe you’re just curious about what your business is worth, and what you can do to enhance that value.

When the stakes are this high, good advice is invaluable. You need a team you can trust to understand the technical and commercial aspects of any deal, or likely future deal and guide you to success. Working independently of or seamlessly with our Commercial Legal, Business Advisory and Accounting & Tax teams, with BridgePoint Group you are assured of a fantastic result.

What Are The Benefits?

Transactions essentially involve an exchange of risk – for example, you may exchange a relatively risky asset (say, your business) which has many moving parts and many unknowns, for a relatively less risky asset, say cash. They only happen when each party is assured and happy with the exchange.

Of course, the stakes are high and nobody wants to be on the wrong end of an expensive mistake.  Executing this type of transaction requires tactical and technical excellence. There are many ‘opportunities’ to commit tactical blunders that can significantly affect value, or even imperil the deal.

That’s why the transaction process can be arduous and an absolute roller-coaster of emotions! No matter how hardened you are, it’s a great comfort and benefit to have a great team behind you. We have assembled that team for you. Experience counts and BridgePoint Group has significant experience helping privately owned Australian business to execute life-changing transactions. 

How Are We Different?

Transactions of this type are complex by nature. Far more complex than say, buying or selling a house, or negotiating a contract for goods or services. They involve commercial, legal, accounting and tax elements and more than a smattering of common sense. BridgePoint Group has experience and expertise across all of those areas, which means that you can get everything you need, right here in one place. And when timeframes are tight, teamwork is what gets it done!

What's The Process?

Depending on your role in the transaction (buyer/seller/capital raiser), some or all of the following phases apply.

1. Thinking
What are you buying or selling? What’s valuable about that? Who is that valuable to?
2. Preparation
Appoint the team. Work to make the business better. Collate the information that shows it.
3. Early marketing
Check for interest. Sign a non-disclosure agreement. Share some marketing material.
4. Due diligence (phases 1 and 2)
Share/review enough information to know if the other party is interested. Proceed to a non-binding indicative offer. Shortlist offerors. Enter full due diligence. Negotiate and structure a deal. Proceed to final offer.
5. Getting the deal done
Finalise the agreement and prepare legal documentation. Proceed to completion. 

Why Invest In Transaction Advisory?

Buying/selling the right asset, from/to the right party and for the right value at the right time is key to maximising the benefits and minimising the risks from any transaction. As you can see, it’s important to get a lot right!

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