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Corporate Advisory - Shaping the future financial growth of your business

Strategic Corporate Advisory underpins successful growth. It’s imperative that you receive tailored advice before rushing into game changing financial moves that impact everyone in the business.

Are you thinking about:

If so, now is the time to obtain professional advice. Such deals are often ‘won’ or ‘lost’ before the discussions begin. You can be over eager or too cautious. You can get the deal structure horribly wrong. Either way, one wrong decision can have vast and lasting ramifications.

Your opportunity could be destroyed by poor advice or worse, not knowing which questions to ask. Financial, taxation and legal issues must be discussed and resolved to ensure a positive outcome.

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Most business owners will face such a challenge only a few times in their business life.

This is not the time to assume that it will be okay. Being brave isn’t going alone, it’s knowing you need help. BridgePoint Group is uniquely able to assist business owners facing such important decisions. Our Corporate Advisory, taxation and legal teams work harmoniously together to discover and review each aspect of your deal or offering.

Our due diligence process discovers issues and opportunities you may never have considered. If you crave this type of relationship, but aren’t receiving it from your current Accountant, then it’s time to move on. Start by reading a case study or two we have compiled in this area. You’ll better understand what other business owners have gone through on their growth path. When you are ready let’s make a time to talk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Corporate Advisory can assist you with a variety of different company challenges and goals. From buying and selling a business, corporate restructuring, to raising debt or equity capital. The best thing you can do is get in touch to see how we might be able to assist.

Corporate Advisory is not a done for you service, it is a done ‘with’ you service where we work together as a team that becomes well integrated into your company’s current scenario. Depending on the nature of the engagement and what problems you need solving, will determine how much work we do on your behalf and how much you will need to contribute to reach the desired outcome. 

As with any professional working relationship, results can only be ‘achieved’ to the extent that right strategies, consistent effort, smart and hard-work are present throughout the entire engagement. Even then, there are variables such as internal and external forces that can influence results and alter specific outcomes. Therefore, results can never be fully guaranteed, but the likelihood and probability of success can be increased dramatically, based on the presence of the aforementioned factors – having the right advice, support, deployment of the right strategies, and putting in the effort and hard-work.

The best thing you can do is call BridgePoint Group and speak to the Corporate Advisory division which will be with either Neil Parker or Mitch Turnbull

For more information about BridgePoint’s Corporate Advisory Service, contact BridgePoint Group on 1300 656 141 or email – info@bridgepointgroup.com.au.