Book Keeping

Book Keeping - Your Financial Foundation...

It’s easy to underestimate the value of quality bookkeeping. Yet, this is where it all starts! If you can get this bit right, your entire accounting function will be built on strong foundations. Foundations that allow you to get on with business.

Imagine the relief you feel when you know you can trust the numbers!

Get control of your cashflow. Know exactly how much money is in the bank, who owes money to you, how much money you owe to others and when. Does payroll drive you mad? Are you always up to date with your super obligations and payroll tax too? How about your ATO lodgements, GST and PAYGW? Are you confident you are handling all these things correctly? If the answer is no, or you’re unsure, then reach out today, your future self and your business will thank you for it.

Why Invest In Book Keeping?

Smart business owners are good delegators. They delegate to others so they can get on with the task of growing the business. A quality bookkeeping service gives you the confidence to do just that. And let’s talk about cost. Did you know that 25% of your year-end accounting bill is down to poor bookkeeping? It turns out that nothing is so expensive as a cheap bookkeeper!

Your investment in a quality bookkeeping service may cost more per hour but it will actually save you time, money and a heap of lost opportunities in the long run. Not to mention the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing that everyone is done just right

How Are We Different?

Imagine keeping the wrong score at a game of football? It wouldn’t be long before there was a riot! Now, it may seem counter-intuitive, but an accurate balance sheet is actually the key to knowing the correct answer to that age old question “am I actually making a profit?” Yet, this is an area of weakness for most bookkeepers who are cash book and P&L focused. The danger for you is that you are making decisions based on the wrong numbers!

And what about forward-looking numbers? Most bookkeepers are rather inexperienced with projecting what will happen next. This leads to a total over-reliance on the tools embedded in the software they choose and you use. They are good tools, but they rely entirely on history to predict the future. It’s garbage in, garbage out.

That’s why you need a bookkeeper that is part of a team. A team that can take your accounting function to a new level. It starts with accurate numbers, builds with meaningful reporting and generates serious value when you get the real support when you need it. Better still, a service that seamlessly integrates with your end of year tax and accounting obligations to save you money.

What's The Process?

Our bookkeeping service is designed to form part of a comprehensive package of services that range all the way up to outsourced CFO services.

Step 1 – Gaining Control
We undertake a comprehensive assessment of the state of your bookkeeping affairs and where necessary, take corrective action to ensure you can trust the numbers.

Step 2 – Design
What higher level information needs are informed by the bookkeeping function? What processes need to change to ensure we capture the right data? Do you need to use different software to create efficiencies and/or help gain control?

Step 3 – Maintenance
It’s easier to keep the house tidy if you ‘clean as you go’. Your bookkeeping function should quickly find a rhythm that just works!

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