Meet the BridgePoint Team – Selene Liu, Team Supervisor

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“We focus on keeping up to date with technology and keeping our professional development up to date. I really enjoy that aspect of BridgePoint Group.”professional development
How long have you worked at BridgePoint Group and what is your role?

May 2018 – I am the supervisor for a team of 3 working on general client business, client advisory work and compliance work to make sure clients adhere to taxation and other mandatory obligations.

What hidden skills or experience do you bring to the team? 

My secret skill is building really good relationships. I really enjoy that aspect of the role. 

What have you gained from working at BridgePoint group?

BridgePoint Group is not a traditional accounting firm. We focus on keeping up to date with technology and keeping our professional practices up to date. I feel very comfortable working here. I’ve learnt a lot of people skills from the other managers on the team. The last six months have taught me resilience and that I can face anything. 

What are you reading, watching or listening to, that you would recommend to someone else?

Personally, I do a lot of activities and music is a passion – I play the cello. Also keeping myself busy with activities like archery, dancing, rock climbing and beach volleyball. 

What is your mantra to live by? 

Life is too short. You only live once. Just do it. 

Your friends say you are…? 

Spontaneous and a bit like the energiser bunny, I never stop!

And in another life?

I’m pretty sure I was…a fish in the ocean, a dolphin as I love the ocean so much. 


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