Marketing Manager

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Opportunity Summary

BridgePoint Group is seeking a highly capable, self-directed and results driven digital marketing manager to lead, create and drive new digital marketing projects to grow BridgePoint Group’s client base and get BridgePoint’s brand out into the world. Are you passionate and skilled at creating customer acquisition and lead generation campaigns? Are you seasoned in creating social media content and advertising, as well as working with CRM’s to create engaging and powerful email campaigns (using Active Campaign) to nurture and sell products and services? Would you enjoy contributing to a great company culture and supportive team environment, that strives to push the boundaries of accounting and advisory with technology and innovation? Do you have a youthful mindset where you aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo’ in pursuit of greatness? If the answer is yes to the above, then this opportunity could be the next best chapter in your career path.

Who We Are

At BridgePoint Group, our vision is to empower, guide and assist business owners throughout Australia to take their business to new levels of performance and growth to stay ahead of their competition in our ever-changing and disruptive world. We are at the forefront of providing wholistic and cutting-edge business and corporate advisory services as well as Innovation, accounting, tax, legal and transactional services. Our values are embedded in integrity, humility, having a growth-mindset, having fun, and providing our clients with real value and impact, that lasts.

About This Unique Role

We are looking for a highly skilled and experienced results-driven digital marketing professional that has a range of experience with creating and successfully executing marketing projects from start to finish. If you have experience in marketing strategy, content creation and also consider yourself a ‘technician’ or an ‘integrator’ in terms of connecting CRM’s (Active Campaign) via Zapier with other platforms such as Xero, or EverWebinar that supports lead generation and customer acquisition initiatives, then there could be a fit. The candidate will also need to be confident and competent in creating advertising on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Youtube. Furthermore, the right candidate understands website development, creating landing pages with copy that engages and sells, and tracks relevant marketing metrics and works in accordance with budgets.


We see this role being part-time, at least for a while. It might suit someone that wants to work 3-4 days a week, or school hours 5 days a week, and would like to be able to spend at least some of that time working from home.

Key Responsibilities

  • Review and develop marketing strategy consistent with overall business strategy
  • Brand positioning – ensure consistency of language, look, and feel. Employ smart PR strategies to get our brand noticed.
  • Manage the website – ability to create landing pages and update site to reflect company activity (WordPress). Employ best practice SEO techniques to ensure the page is found.
  • Manage CRM/database – Create and manage email campaigns and automation using Active Campaign. Segment different leads, and clients into different lists depending on lead score, tags, and engagement profile.
  • Manage newsletter – Put together and finesse marketing copy.
  • Manage social media presence – Ability to use LinkedIn, Youtube, etc for paid campaigns and posting content.
  • Manage ad spend – Ability to track marketing activity and effectiveness in accordance to marketing budget.
  • Manage graphic design needs – Design and or delegate the creation of marketing materials.
  • Manage growth and innovation awards project – Communicate with clients, prospects and participants in awards and promote via marketing campaigns.
  • Marketing event creation and co-ordination – Ability to plan and drive marketing events to attract prospects and to nurture clients on/ offline.
  • Write copy – newsletter, collateral (incl case studies), copywriting style from informative detail to high level entertaining.
  • Build library of marketing collateral – Create, store, and manage marketing media library on/offline.
  • Marketing metric analysis and reporting – Ability to interpret marketing results and data into insights to refine marketing strategy and processes. Understands what to measure and manage.
  • Marketing systems integration – Ability to connect Active Campaign (CRM) to webinar software via Zapier, building and integration of forms into website landing pages or emails for event registrations, surveys etc. Required Skills & Experience

Required Skills & Experience

  • Creating and managing marketing campaigns – end to end
  • Website integration and development to align with marketing efforts
  • Marketing strategy development and execution – project management
  • Copy writing skills – articulate
  • Using LinkedIn, Youtube, Facebook Ads
  • Filming and editing marketing content or ability to delegate
  • SEO capabilities or ability to delegate
  • A minimum of 5 years experience in marketing for professional services firms
  • Confidently uses Office 365, WordPress, Active Campaign, Yoast, SEMRush, EverWebinar, Zapier, Youtube ads, LinkedIn ads, Facebook ads.

Character & Behavioural Traits

  • Thorough/Resourceful/Organised
  • Strong at strategic planning and execution
  • Effective communicator
  • Financially literate
  • Great coordinator – Can manage numerous projects
  • Strategic thinker – Innovative, creative, logical, emotional intelligence
  • Attention to detail and big picture focused
  • Coachable and teachable
  • Humble high performer
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Values growth and contribution

If you feel like this unique opportunity was made for you, then please get in touch with Brad from BridgePoint Group for more information. Please send through your resume and cover letter to brad@bridgepointgroup.com.au and we’ll take it from there. Meantime, check out our rough and ready video shot whilst everyone was working from home during COVID. Keep in mind this was to attract more accountants but it should give a sneak peek into our culture.

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