Innovation Insights 2022

Innovation Insights 2022

Thank you for downloading BridgePoint Group’s Innovation Insights 2022 report. Inside you will find out about Australian Government grants and tax incentives that you can apply for as a manufacturer in order to:

  • Conduct research and development.
  • Achieve Early Stage Innovation Company status making your company more attractive to capital investors.
  • Help you accelerate your product commercialisation.
  • Grow your export market.

Included in the Innovation Insights 2022 report are four cases studies of Australian companies who have subsidised their innovation and accelerated commercialisation by claiming these grants and incentives.

Innovation is an essential component of a growing competitive economy. In 2020 and 2021 Covid-19 created a lot of uncertainty for business and disruption to supply chains. The Australian Government has brought increased focus to this sector to make it more robust and able to withstand future headwinds.

Manufacturing is a key component of the Australian Government’s plan to deliver a strong, modern, and resilient economy for all Australians. Helping manufacturers scale up and bring to market products and projects will create jobs, advance innovation and produce national prosperity. The Australian Government is committed to this and has a range of incentives and grants which businesses can apply for which are outlined in this document.

At BridgePoint Group, we’ve always been passionate about supporting innovative small and medium-sized Australian businesses and manufacturing innovation. Over 70% of eligible businesses do not claim R&D tax concessions and the average value of claims lodged by BridgePoint Group last year (2020/2021) was $225,000. If you have any questions regarding the government’s innovation grants and incentives, please email Alan Baghdasarayan via alan@bridgepointgroup.com.au or call 0418 957 003.

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Thank you and we hope you enjoy the BridgePoint Group Innovation Insights 2022.