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What is the R&D Tax Incentive?

“All in all, the refreshed guidance is clearer and easier to understand for companies seeking information on the R&D Tax Incentive.” Alan Baghdasarayan reviews the refreshed guidance for R&D Tax Incentive guide released in November 2020. The creation of new knowledge, technology and processes are why R&D is at the…

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Innovation Awards 2020 – Celebrating Australian Business Innovation

BridgePoint Group Innovation Awards 2020 – Supporting Business Innovation and Growth.  Our passion for supporting business innovation and growth has not stopped in 2020.  The BridgePoint Group Innovation Awards are back, bigger than ever. Let’s look at two more companies nominated for this year’s award and our esteemed judging panel….

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BridgePoint Group opens 2020 Innovation Awards

BridgePoint Group’s Innovation Awards celebrate Australian businesses. We highlight companies at the forefront of developing innovative products, services and business models. The events of 2020 have strengthened our passion for supporting business innovation and growth. We’re pleased to announce the 2020 BridgePoint Group Innovation Awards. Let’s look at this year’s nominees,…

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