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Judging Innovation – BridgePoint Group’s Innovation Awards

What Caught the Judges Eye in BridgePoint Group’s 2021 Innovation Awards? The standard of entries in this year’s BridgePoint Group 2021 Innovation Awards was quite astounding. The winners stood out from the rest by the slimmest of margins. We delve into what each of the winning companies did that really…

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The Accelerating Commercialisation Grant Fact Sheet

The Acceleration Commercialisation Grant provides small and medium businesses, entrepreneurs and researchers with access to expert advice and funding to help get a novel product, process or service to market. The Accelerating Commercialisation Grant fact sheet will answer a lot of your questions. If you need any further advice, please…

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Innovation Insights for 2022

BridgePoint Group’s Innovation Advisory service is led by Alan Baghdasarayan. In this article Alan shares his insights on the innovation space leading into 2022.  R&D Tax Incentives – Australia Covid created a lot of uncertainty. Some clients pulled back on their R&D. Companies that doubled down on R&D during this…

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