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Your planning needs to include IT

Never has there been a better time to reset your business than now. COVID-19 has provided a  unique opportunity for you to reimagine your business and to implement change – change that may run as deeply as what you do and how you do it. In this day and age,…

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Fed Govt’s $130b Bounce Back Enabler

The Federal Government has moved to give employers the confidence to retain their team. Our Prime Minister yesterday announced the JobKeeper Payment, an initiative budgeted to cost $130b across FY20 & FY21.  The Government strategy is to keep as many people as possible employed and receiving a wage or salary…

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Bumper move as BridgePoint Group gets on the Waste Motive Initiative

Bridgepoint Group continues to diversify its client base and expand its Innovation Advisory service offer. BridgePoint Group is set to oversee possible funding and R&D incentives for the Waste Motive initiative. Endorsed by the NSW Government, the Waste Motive initiative brings together automotive industry leaders, community groups and government departments…

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