BridgePoint Group

BridgePoint Group brings together a team of industry experts who have the necessary insights, business skills and experience to help you to create success in your business and in so doing, meet your individual needs and goals.

Good organisations serve clients, great organisations empower employees to serve clients

Great organisations listen to ideas and genuinely collaborate with their people. They coach, guide and assist their people in becoming their best professional selves. This is the vocational opportunity that BridgePoint Group offers its people. 

A chance to grow

Ongoing training & development

A chance to thrive & achieve

A place to belong & be recognised

Working with us will be the difference you've been seeking.

We make no apologies for wanting to challenge you.

We believe continuous education is the foundation for future growth. It’s important you are supported, to go beyond your your comfort zone. That’s where your professional development really happens.

Don’t discount the importance of learning strong technical skills. They are most certainly a solid base. Yet, the real joy comes from being able to make a difference. The learnings from working closely with clients (and BridgePoint Group’s management team) are invaluable to developing your professional skills. Sometimes the allure of working for one of the big four accounting firms can actually lead to professional dissatisfaction. The day-to-day grind can get to you, and leave you disappointed with the profession. It’s not the profession, it is the workplace in many cases.

Are you ready?

To be held accountable for your growth?

To grow further than you thought possible?

To make a real difference and create impact that lasts?

Then get in touch today, keep us on your radar or apply for our available opportunities now.

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