BridgePoint Group Staff Profile – Eileen Teo

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BridgePoint Group welcomes Eileen Teo to the team.

Eileen is a highly experienced Chartered Accountant with over 16 years of professional experience, specialising in business services and taxation.  

During her career to date, Eileen has worked with diverse business structures and within small to large corporations. She has experience in a wide range of industry sectors including legal, medical, retail and wholesale. She’s worked in information technology; the fashion & jewellery industry as well as with foreign subsidiaries, and branches of international companies. 



Eileen’s expertise includes accounting and taxation compliance, private and high net worth family group taxation, business advice and year-end tax planning. 

Eileen lives by the motto “no one of us is as good as all of us”. Embracing inclusion and diversity in her team and maximising teamwork in an organisation, she believes leads to success.  “Leveraging diversity is a real benefit for businesses. Building a talent pool with bright minds and leadership, leads to a happy, high performing team which ultimately leads to happy clients.”

BridgePoint Group warmly welcomes Eileen to the team. Eileen can be reached at eileen@bridgepointgroup.com.au or 0401 309 653

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