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People – the Forgotten Manufacturing Input

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated once again that Australian manufacturing is not dead – in fact, having been forced to reinvent itself, it is just starting to find its groove. Talk of “economic sovereignty” only helps, at least in the short term. I introduce that caveat because whilst there is…

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Your Practical Guide to emerging from COVID-19

Emerging from the COVID-19 crisis well prepared, with a clear direction and a plan that aligns staff and leaders is an incredible opportunity you need to consider. Right now! BridgePoint Group provides a practical guide to getting out of the gates fast when the COVID-19 crisis eases. You can skip ahead…

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Updates to JobKeeper Payment Scheme

Federal Govt Provides Additional Clarification to JobKeeper Rules and Eligibility There has been an overwhelming take-up of the Federal Government’s JobKeeper program, introduced to support businesses significantly affected by COVID-19 to help keep their employees employed. To date, more than 900,000 businesses expressed interest in the JobKeeper payment and more…

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