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How do we protect your data?

How do we protect your data from cybercrime? Is your personal information safe? In our October newsletter, we promised to share a bit more about how we keep your data safe. With cybercrime increasing year-on-year, we know that data security is a priority for you, and it should be no…

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What you need to know about ‘Force Majeure’

What is force majeure? How does force majeure impact your business? If you have been unable to meet your contractual obligations during this last year because of COVID shutdowns and restrictions, can you avoid your commitments, or even terminate the contract since you have not been at fault? And can…

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The Key to Our Economic Sovereignty

Australia’s economic sovereignty hit the common vernacular in April 2020 this year.  The Australian PM, Scott Morrison, stated that “protecting our sovereignty has always come at great cost, regardless of the form the threat takes.” At the time there was a notional call to arms to buy Australian made products,…

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