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Claim Your R&D Tax Offset Now!

Australia’s R&D Tax Incentive by the numbers. If you are a business that has invested in research and development in FY20, or want to know how to claim the tax incentives, then you need to read this article. Now. Did you know 30 April 2021 is the last day to…

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BridgePoint Group Innovation Award Winners 2020

Innovation is at the heart of any successful business. At BridgePoint Group, we recognise the importance of innovation through our Innovation Awards. The importance of a tweak that makes the ordinary extraordinary. Or the pivot that turns a thought bubble into an incredible opportunity. Innovation is the driver in the…

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Top 5 Reasons Business Owners Don’t Reach Out For Help

Why won’t men stop and ask for directions? And why do people still smoke cigarettes? Why don’t business owners ask for help? These are some of the most confounding elements of human behaviour! And while they seem to defy logic, they can all be explained by what goes on between…

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