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What’s the difference between cash and profit?

BridgePoint Group’s Neil Parker gives us some insights and explains the difference between cash and profit. Certain things you spend money on don’t go to your P&L… Firstly let’s adopt a definition of cash and profit.  Profit is a marker of the overall prosperity of a business in a given…

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Corporate Advisory Services – Can You Do Without It?

Managing your business is a complex and ever-changing process. Are you looking for advice? BridgePoint Group’s Corporate Advisory Service may have the answers. At BridgePoint Group, we have helped hundreds of companies with our corporate advisory services. Neil Parker, BridgePoint Group’s Managing Director, explains the process it has adopted and…

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Cash isn’t the same as profit. Cash is King!

We all know that even a highly profitable business can fail because it runs out of cash. But, how are cash & profit related and how can they be such different things? Profit does not equal cash… Let’s look at the numbers. There are only two places that any transaction…

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