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3 easy ways to create momentum in your business

Momentum – it’s a beautiful thing when you’ve got it.

Jim Collins described the flywheel concept – you have to push really, really hard at first but after a while, the wheel builds business momentum until it starts to turn itself. Small business is a lot like that!

If you’re not there yet, then you might be wondering how to get there. So here are three things you can do to get the wheel turning in the right direction:

1. Set sprint goals

It’s amazing how much you can achieve in a short timeframe and sprints really do work.

I think it’s because by breaking one big task down into smaller, more manageable and more immediate tasks:

  1. the task doesn’t seem so daunting; and
  2. it’s easier to link the effort to the outcome

2. Work in teams

Us humans are social animals and we tend to get more done in teams.

I think there are a few reasons for this:

  1. Once again, we get to break the task down into its component parts
  2. We get to leverage our strengths (we all have strengths and weaknesses)
  3. We don’t want to let the other team members down, so we work hard to impress
  4. Victories are much more enjoyable in a pack!

3. Celebrate the wins

Positive reinforcement people! We crave it from a young age, and it doesn’t change when we hit the workforce. If they do something good, yell it from the rooftops and watch them do it again!

Repeat over and over until the wheel is turning (almost) by itself. That’s the basis of building business momentum.

If you’re excited about creating momentum in your business and need some help, call us @ BridgePoint Group on 1300 656 141.


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