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Dedicated professional support, when and where you need it most

“Mitchell has been absolutely invaluable in analysing the numbers for our latest acquisition. Mitchell has the ability to deal with complicated, and variable issues and cut through often counter intuitive results. He has a natural talent in building reporting models that get to the heart of the information required. He has given us a level of surety and comfort that will assist us enormously across pricing, expense management, team efficiencies, and ultimately our bottom line.

Nicola Mills, Managing Director………Pacific Retail Holdings

See the bigger picture, act with confidence, control the game

Working with BridgePoint Group gives you access to a team of high quality, experienced executives who will work hand-in-hand with you, in your business.
Bringing with them a wealth of experience and expert business and industry knowledge, the Dedicated Support team can work with you in a way that best suits your business operations. This will often take the form of Board or Advisory Board participation and/or outsourced CFO/Financial Controller roles.

The Dedicated Support team is designed to provide you with the relevant insights, guidance and confidence to make decisions; identify the highest value opportunities for the business; to act as a sounding board for members of the executive team; creating accountability and helping to overcome the challenges of business all the while driving shareholder value through improved profits and business valuation.

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