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How can you effectively fund your business innovation?

You’re excited! You’ve developed an innovative product or service that will transform your business and industry, but implementation requires more money than you can currently access. You have two choices – ‘boot-strapping’ (getting by with very little capital and restricting spending to whatever trickles in by way of funding) which…

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How an Outsourced CFO Can Inspire Innovation

There are many benefits of outsourcing your CFO. These include cost savings on salary, increased efficiency and flexibility, as well as a wider access to investment and partnership opportunities. But the modern business needs more than these things. It needs to be ready to adapt to an ever-changing marketplace –…

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Is Your Business Vision Past its Expiration Date?

A great vision is one of the most powerful assets a business can have. However, what may have been a great vision five years ago may be lacking (or even obsolete) today. When the goalposts move, your business’ vision must move with them. What makes a great business vision? It…

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