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You can find good staff

Stop whinging and do something about it So many times business owners tell me “It’s impossible to get good staff these days”. With respect, that’s bullshit. Not only that, but it’s self-fulfilling bullshit. If you say it enough times, and if enough people nod their head and say “yeah, I…

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Innovation Award nominees span a range of industries

Innovation is a necessity for business growth and, more broadly, for sustained economic growth. At BridgePoint Group, we’re passionate about supporting innovative Australian businesses. We’ve introduced the BridgePoint Group Innovation Awards to recognise and celebrate Australian businesses that develop innovative products, services and business models. Here’s some background on some…

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Celebrate your innovation journey

BridgePoint Group has kicked off its inaugural Innovation Awards and has opening registrations from all businesses across the country. As you are aware, at BridgePoint Group we’re passionate about supporting business innovation and growth. As such, the Innovation Awards are designed to recognise and celebrate Australian businesses that develop innovative…

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