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Get some rubber on the road

Well, it never seems to take long for someone to say “can you believe it’s October already?” The smart-alec in me wants to say “well, yes, it happens this time every year.” But I know what they mean – the days, the weeks and the months seem to fly by…

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Do you look back so you can move your business forward?

Probe your past financial results to create a brighter future Unmistakably, the most important thing for your business is what happens today and tomorrow. However, past results can be a goldmine of information about what went well and what could be done better, so inform your decisions about the coming…

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You can find good staff

Stop whinging and do something about it So many times business owners tell me “It’s impossible to get good staff these days”. With respect, that’s bullshit. Not only that, but it’s self-fulfilling bullshit. If you say it enough times, and if enough people nod their head and say “yeah, I…

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