Below are a collection of blogs and articles written by our team to provide you with timely information, perspective and advice to help you think differently and make better decisions about your business.

Your Planning Sucks

… and what to do about it Righto, so I hope you have forgiven me for saying that your strategy sucks? I’ve made an assumption that you have. In any case, it wasn’t specifically directed at you and it wasn’t an assessment of your strategy – it was really just…

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How Deep is your Pool?

The importance of having the right cash resources When people think about cash, they usually think about cash flow. I want to get you thinking about cash resources. There is a real and important difference. Cash resources I am talking about your pool of cash – do you have access…

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Measuring your business’ value

What’s your business worth?  How often do you think about value? I mean, really think about value? Quite often, in the cut and thrust of daily reality – cashflow and profitability are the two things driving activity. They are, of course, our immediate concerns. But circling back to your ‘why’…

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How can you effectively fund your business innovation?

You’re excited! You’ve developed an innovative product or service that will transform your business and industry, but implementation requires more money than you can currently access. You have two choices – ‘boot-strapping’ (getting by with very little capital and restricting spending to whatever trickles in by way of funding) which…

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