Below are a collection of blogs and articles written by our team to provide you with timely information, perspective and advice to help you think differently and make better decisions about your business.

Family and Friends – a Source of Investment Money?

Ok, so you’ve got a great business idea and you want to have a go. In fact, you’re prepared to risk it all for your shot at glory. Good on you! Fortune favours the brave and you certainly are that! Now, you need to fund your idea. The bank isn’t…

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The Cash-Flow Roller Coaster of Small Business

One of the patterns we see in small business is this rollercoaster effect with cash flow. Some months there seems to be plenty to go around, other months it’s a real struggle. And if you’re in this position, it’s bloody hard to grow your business at the pace you would…

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How do you know if your business idea has merit?

Your business idea has merit – real and meaningful merit – if you can prove that there is sufficient (and sustainable) demand for your product or service at a price that means you will derive a fair profit. GOOD Someone else is already selling a similar product or service in…

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Who Says Manufacturing Is Dead?

The Wrap-up from our National Manufacturing Week Dinner BridgePoint Group hosted a dinner on the 9th of May to coincide with the launch of National Manufacturing Week. The dinner was a rousing success! Alongside representatives from industry, we were honoured to be joined by senior figures from the Advanced Manufacturing…

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